Planning For the Holidays?

Holiday season is here in full swing!! This time of year can be tough for hosts and guests alike.  Despite the joy in the air, stress can be at an all time high.  Below are a few tips to help even the hostess with the mostest!



1. Plan Ahead
With all that goes into the month of December, it’s easy to get side tracked and put things on hold.  To make your holiday event a success, plan ahead and make a To Do list! Start early to assess what you’re able to do and what you’ll have to skip out on.

2. Order, Cook, Prim and Prep Ahead
Keeping it classy and traditional?  Great! Make a list of food items that are needed.  Offering a variety of flavors and new dishes? Start testing the new items in advance to work out any missing ingredient kinks.

3. Keep the décor simple.
The holidays are a time for indulgence in food, dessert, gifts and shopping so keep the visuals simple.  It’s best to choose 2-3 colors for your visual aesthetic.  Examples are classic red and green, white and blue, silver and red, etc.  Don’t be afraid to add silver and gold – metallics are ALWAYS in!

4. Stock Up
Stock up on food, dessert, ice and beverages.  This is the time of year people allow themselves to gain that extra 10 pounds, so don’t be afraid to keep the goodies coming!


5. Get in the spirit!
What makes a party transform from good to great?  An outstanding host. Don’t let the details of party planning get you down- enjoy!


Need help planning your holiday festivities? Don’t hesitate to contact us!