OMG Barbie & Ken Finally Wed!!

AMAZINGLY UNIQUE, OUT OF THIS WORLD, OMG-just a few phrases to describe our reactions. After 50 years, Barbie got so tired of waiting for Ken to propose, she finally popped the question. Here are the results of their beautiful wedding photographed by the talented Miss Beatrice De Guigne.

And of course…our FAVORITE picture from this shoot:

Needless to say, we absolutely LOVE this concept & adore Beatrice’s work! Wanting to know more about what inspired this shoot, and got the inside scoop here and fell even more in love. This is one photographer who is creative and has an AMAZING sense of humor. When asked about the wedding cliche photographs such as the shoe photo and the dress, Beatrice responded, “Some saw a glance to clich├ęs. Well, they are all right! Especially because Barbie and Ken are not very talkative, they gave me no indication or guidance LOL” LOVE HER!

We’re def fans Love itor hate it? Let us know!