Suzana & Teymour

Couple: Suzana & Teymour
Venue: Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach
Insights: Suzana & Teymour met in Northern California where Suzana studied at UC Davis while Teymour attended UC Berkley. The two got to know each other as they shared mutual friends, as is with all true love stories, one thing led to another and the two became inseperable. Suzana’s mother contacted our So Cal Event Planner team in early January after booking the venue and florist. The months following, we teamed up with the bride and groom to discuss all details and vendor options. Suzana’s background in Bangladeshi while Teymour is Afghani. This fusion wedding combined both cultures beautifully into one grand reception! Congrats to this cute couple and their families! Wishing them nothing but the best!





You’re Engaged! Now What?

You’re engaged! You’re marrying your best friend and the day you’ve dreamed of is creeping up. How do you start the task of planning a wedding?? This process can definitely be overwhelming. Below are some helpful hints on getting started,


  1. Set a date
    Deciding when you want your big day to take place is huge! Many factors need to be taken into consideration when selecting a date. What works best for you and your fiancé and your families? Do you have out of town guests that will need to fly in? Are there vacation dates you need to work around? Are you looking for an outdoor wedding? If so, stay away from those rainy months! Are there birthdays, celebrations or holidays you should stay clear of? Once you set the date, be sure to send out Save The Dates to ensure all guests are aware!
  2. Determine a Guest List

    Who is invited? Are there plus ones? It is important to decide and confirm the total number of guests in order to best decide on a venue. Many venues have order minimums and will charge you for the amount of guests you confirm so try to get as close as you can to the count!

  3. The Venue

    Selecting a venue is partly making sure your dream event comes together in this place and also about pleasing guests. Selecting a venue that is central to the guests in attendance, an airport for out of towners and easy to work with. Costs per person tend to add up, make sure to ask for the inclusive pricing so that taxes and service fees don’t catch you by surprise.