Choosing the right style of Wedding Photography on your Wedding Day

What is Wedding Photography?

For most couples, this could be the odd question to raise and most would answer that wedding photography is all the same. Someone walks around with a camera and quietly captures the special moments of the day. That’s partially correct. The art of wedding photography has drastically improved within the past twenty years. Nowadays, a couple chooses a photographer that will match their personal style.

In the past, wedding photographers were technicians behind a tripod and a curtain. Mysterious and rare, the camera was something that only a few would attempt to operate it. Back then, couples would hire wedding photographers to provide a physical memory of their wedding day– basically to have a record of the event.

Now, due to the extremely high quality cameras that are widely available, the majority of wedding guests can capture and store their own photos on their own devices. There are even certain apps and websites that allow your guests to be the photographers! They allow every guest (who wants to be photographed) a chance to capture their own perspective of the wedding. Then you store, organize, and keep all the pictures from the night!

Here’s a simple guide to finding the right style of professional wedding photography that suites your style:

First, you’ll want to head to google or yelp and search for photographers that fit your budget. Remember, photos are the only thing you will keep after the night is over so think of it as an investment. For more on this, read our other blog post about photography. 

Next, think about your wedding and write down 3 words that describes your wedding’s style. Many experienced photographers will have galleries of past weddings they’ve worked on. If these pictures are similar to the wedding photos of your dreams, contact the photographer.

Some photographers like to capture action shots full of activity. Others prefer to take traditional wedding photos where the couples are simply standing and sitting with their guests. And there are photographers who like taking artistic, vintage photos. Choose a photographer that complements your wedding.

While you browse other wedding photos, use the galleries as inspiration and jot down a list of poses and photos you want to replicate. Photographers need a shot list to make sure they capture everything that is important to you. Include all the people and family members you want to include in your photos. If you need help creating this list, don’t worry! Your So Cal Event Planner is always here to help.

It may be confusing to choose a wedding photographer, a budget, the number of photos you will receive and how many prints you get so do your research. Keep in mind that these photographers are professional and their job is to make you look like a superstar on your wedding.

As experts in the industry, we have suggestions on amazing photographers we have worked with in the past. Not only is their work fantastic, but they are great people too. If you don’t know where to start, just contact us! We are always happy to help.

How to Plan and Budget Your Dream Wedding Even in the Current Economy

Does the cost of having the wedding of your dreams scare you? With the increase of oil costs and current economy, several brides and groom are afraid that having the wedding of their dreams is out of the question. Is it? No! you’ll have your dream wedding for a fraction of the value you thought it’d be, as long you prepare! Use a realistic budget, ingenuity, flexibility, hone in your negotiating skills, and enlist the assistance of friends and family. Make your wedding just as you imagined in. Today, 70% of couples pay for their own weddings thus, setting a sensible wedding budget is important. How can you save?


Now, get artistic and examine your choices.

SEARCH the web

Search the web completely and you’ll save time and cash. Long gone are the days your parents spent walking into every shop in town to find the best deal. We’ve got the internet on our hands! Use it!  There are great wedding service websites that offer FREE tools for planning. Need a guest list tracker? A pre-made Save the Date? Bride’s To Do List? Several wedding websites offer links to wedding connected businesses that would be your answer to quality product and services.  This makes your search for vendors that much easier! and are great resources! They offer articles and information on wedding vendors, professionals, DJ and lighting vendors, a marriage resource directory, and ideas on how to  save on wedding gifts and decor.


As you propose your wedding produce 3 categories:

Must have


Nice to own.

Base your selections on your budget and on your ingenuity. Once you opt what your priorities are, use your creativity to execute the plan. Involve your friends and your families in the preparations. Those close to you will appreciate the chance to contribute to your happy day, commemorate and prevent a budget shortage!  Before you are start, scan the series of wedding designing articles dedicated to selecting and dealing with wedding vendors and professionals.

When you speak with vendors, be firm. Don’t allow them to talk you into something you neither budgeted for, nor want. However by identical token, be versatile enough to pay additional or substitute, if you can not realize specifically what you thought of as a priority, among your budget. Make sure you’re at peace with all changes, come back and / or cancellation policies before you sign any contract or settle any arrangement. Having to shop for one thing doubly, or having to pay extra fees for changes will and will add up.

Be sure to keep documentation of each contract and receipt in a very safe place and pay special attention to deadlines for returning things.  If you’re careful, you’ll save lots of cash. don’t get confused between cheap and low cost. If you get something on sale at the mall, you may usually receive identical merchandise you’d at a near search and be able to come back or exchange things. However, once buying reduced priced and clearance things, check to create positive that they’re not of inferior quality since most cut-rate sale or special sale things indicate Final Sale and may not be come back or changed.


Here too, base your call on your budget. If your budget permits, talk to a wedding planner to assist you with tasks like locating trusty vendors and suppliers, to tasks as massive as organizing your entire wedding event from A-Z. Wedding consultants work with vendors constantly and have many expe As a good trade, they usually have special arrangements for reduced rates that once more up can prevent cash. Yet, the smallest amount you interact outsiders and therefore the additional you enlist friends and family and do yourself, the extra money you save. it’s not solely an exquisite feeling of nice satisfaction to set up your own wedding, it’s additionally lots of fun.

WEDDING writing paper

You’ll probably want to send engagement announcements, save the dates, invites etc… If you’re willing to depart from the standard written invites you’ll save not only cash but also time and anxiety. Make your own wedding announcements and save the dates right on your pc!  If you’ve got a decent printer, your paper and invite can look even as skilled as the high-priced ones ordered from printers. So, get artistic and style your own invite and writing stationary. Do you have a wedding theme? Do you wish to insert a photo? Go ahead, incorporate them!


Don’t forget the fundamental wedding accessories: ring pillow, champagne flutes, cake serving set, guest book, pen, garter, a unity candle set. Extra accessories most brides add are  flower girl basket, a bridal purse, a keepsake cake prime and a photograph album. As most brides want coordinating accessories, complete collections are out there.  Your friends and family can most likely celebrate your engagement and up-coming wedding with engagement parties and bridal showers and in fact gift giving holidays. Most guests would like some steering relating to acceptable gifts however few take into account things for the wedding. This is why bridal registries are thus useful. thus if you let the hosts of your wedding celebrations recognize what you would like, not solely can they be able to coordinate it however they’re going to assure the guests that their gifts are wished and can be extremely appreciated. A win win.


Use flowers that are plentiful and of good quality. Today, several supermarkets, even Costco and Sams Club sell extraordinary fresh flowers and bouquets at a really affordable price. Bench bows, Bridesmaid bouquets and simple centerpieces can also be great DIY pieces!


Drinks add up! Don’t have the budget for an open bar? Purchase the drinks yourself and have the bartender pour!


When it involves music, you will need to decide what fits with your personalities – is it a DJ, band or music playing off a playlist?? Remember bands likely have the highest cost and will need the proper space for set up. DJ’s will need a corner of the room and charge by timings and guest counts. The higher the guest count, the more speakers the DJ will need to bring.


When it involves photographers and videographers, opt for your professionals terribly fastidiously. Your day can come back and go and therefore the photos and video can function as mementos and reminiscences of your huge day. Viewing them you will re-live it all and be able to share it for years to come. Before hiring a videographer or photographer compare costs and references. Opt for the absolute best that are among your budget. Remember, video and phtography are the only two things that will last!
Get your friends and guest involved! Disposable cameras on each table, a photobooth, a fun backdrop, a hashtag for social media are all ways to guest wedding guests involved in your big day.


How to Choose the awesome Wedding Theme Decorations

Weddings are not specifically as pleasant because it appears and particularly after you have to be compelled to arrange and get it. making ready for a marriage will be pretty nerve-wracking particularly if you get lost by varied decisions like after you have to be compelled to choose a flower or a subject matter or a decoration. Things will get out of hand pretty fast that is why you would like to seek out somebody WHO picks and handles all the themes and decorations and executes them well. However, you would like to decide on some things for a wedding decoration and listed below area unit few that you just ought to decide upon.

Consider the season

One of the items to think about before planning your wedding date and sending out save the date announcements is thinking about the season you’ll be married in! Do you live in an area where it’d be impossible to have an outdoor winter wedding? Is it too hot to be outside in the summer?  Will the area be shaded, heated, or cooled? Decide on an acceptable time and choose the wedding decoration and theme consequently.

Pick a theme

Planning a wedding involves a theme. The theme is often directly connected with the time and place you choose to tie the knot.  For example, if your venue is an antique church, a modern wedding may not work. Now, you would possibly arrange for an outside wedding theme that is extremely totally different from an enclosed wedding and even need pleasant climatic conditions. Also, the theme wedding decorations can take issue in step with the theme you choose. Like if you select a beach wedding, it’ll take issue greatly from a royal or palace wedding.

Choose your decorations… wisely

We’ve all been to weddings where the décor can be tacky or gaudy. This is the first impression your guests will have of your event before the night begins. Make sure it’s done right! Like for outside weddings you’d need appropriate outside wedding decoration that will go in conjunction with the theme, like flower arrangements, etc.  Select the right flowers either from probing the flower decoration photos otherwise you can share your concepts along with your decorators. Check out pinterest boards and bridal magazines to narrow down your choices and decide on what you like and what you hate.

Overthinking: a strict no-no before the marriage

One of the most common things that each bride will that tends to do is overthinking it. Overthinking as a bride is one of the few things you must invariably abstain from because it deteriorates the full state of affairs. In other words – it kills the mood and vibe. Don’t stress – hire a wedding coordinator to take care of the details big or small.

Things you should know About Wedding Event Planning

If you’re to blame of being the event coming up with specialist for a marriage reception, wedding rehearsal, or one thing else that goes beside being attached the marriage then likelihood is that you just are aware of it could be a vast responsibility. Not solely square measure the bride and also the groom relying on you to create positive that each facet of their reception goes swimmingly, however all of your event coming up with skills square measure being relied upon for the success of the complete event! even if not many folks can notice if a {particular} fake greeting is formed on your part throughout the reception or wedding event as a result of it should be thus little in nature, likelihood is that you just completed that you just have tousled. Here square measure some things concerning wedding event coming up with that you just ought to understand so as to make the proper reception, rehearsal dinner, and coordinative the cleanup efforts later on as well!

The Bride and also the Groom

Even though the person charged with event coming up with for the marriage reception or the rehearsal dinner could feel inundated at the nice responsibility that he or she has, a crucial factor for the helper to understand is that the marriage and everything relating the marriage is all concerning the bride and also the groom. even if plenty of what is happening can desire it’s to try and do with the helper him or her self, likelihood is that it’ll solely feel that method as a result of there’s side pressure on the individual to create positive that things detonate while not a hitch!

Coordinating the Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal is simply one facet concerning wedding event coming up with that positively shouldn’t be taken lightly! even if all of the marriage attendants don’t seem to be needed to travel to the rehearsal dinner for the bride and also the groom, it’d be an honest plan if the marriage helper were to persuade everybody to attend! additionally, another vital factor that has to be thought of once it involves the marriage rehearsal dinner is wherever it’ll be command, what food are ingested, and the way long it ought to last. Of course, plenty of those things are chosen by the bride and also the groom itself, however the marriage helper can clearly got to facilitate them create a number of the additional necessary selections, like wherever it’ll be command and conjointly to create positive the reservations square measure in place!

A no-hit reception

Perhaps the simplest factor concerning event coming up with for a marriage is witnessing the wedding ceremony and reception to create positive that it all happens with success with no real downfalls! the marriage reception is a crucial a part of this; ensuring that the bride and also the groom have approved the food which will be there, what kind of cake they’re going to have, and wherever it’ll be command square measure terribly crucial problems to creating positive everyone seems to be satisfied! within the finish, however, it all comes back to realizing that the complete wedding event is concerning the bride and also the groom, which is that the secret to creating positive that your wedding event coming up with efforts do not head to waste!

Tips To Choose And Work With Wedding Vendors And Various Service Providers

Many brides and grooms contact US, requesting information concerning designing their weddings. The standard inquiry is as follows. “we are to engaged. What can we do now? Where do we begin?”

Well, weddings ar terribly personal and each one has its own distinctive character.

It is terribly troublesome to list each attainable state of affairs however the fundamentals are the design of wedding, the size, the budget concerned, the placement and the bride and groom’s selections to match their personalities.

WEDDING THEME will vary. Choose from classic, elegant and glitzy black tie affair to a picnic in a cute park.
WEDDING SIZE depends on the amount of guests (have a huge family? Tons of kids?)
WEDDING BUDGET will vary from many hundreds to thousands!
WEDDING LOCATION Is it a local or a destination wedding? Are there tons of people flying in to attend?

BRIDE and GROOM should start select the colors, the music, the marriage theme etc… that replicate their personalities and interests.
Some couples get a wedding planner, while others look to the expertise of friends and family. Either way,   the thrill of designing the wedding comes from what elements of your personality you choose to infuse.

The wedding day is merely a part of the term wedding as a whole. That’s because the “wedding” includes the preparations for the day of, the activities following the massive day as well as the honeymoon.

So, you are engaged and are planning forward with anticipation of your dream wedding however don’t know where to start out and what to try to do. You’re not alone! This article is devoted to the numerous engaged couples facing the same situation.

It is important that each of you, bride and groom, begin designing your wedding once the date is set.

Take some time, brainstorm and leisurely discuss your desires and wishes.

Have fun in designing your wedding instead of stressing over it. You need to decide on your priorities initially and write down everything by the following:

Very important – imperative,

Less important – permits for flexibility

Least vital – most adjustable for changes and compromises.

For example:

VERY IMPORTANT- imperative



Securing your wedding attendants

Location of ceremony – location of reception

Size of guest list

Offificiant – priesthood

A specific wedding merchandiser or service supplier

Time of year time of day

Having prioritized, place along your wedding information and an inventory of queries and requests, to gift to the seller or service supplier. LESS imperative points might be:


Menu and Beverages



Photographer – videographer



Wedding day facilitate – before, throughout and when the marriage.


Wedding day schedule

Readings at ceremony

Music choice

Final flower choice

Gifts for family and wedding attendants

A wedding gift from the bride to the groom

A wedding gift from the groom to the bride

Wedding favors


Reception seating arrangements

HOW TO realize the suitable WEDDING VENDORS, PROFESSIONALS and repair suppliers.

Before setting any appointments it’s a decent plan to:

Check the net, scan as several articles as you’ve got queries and book mark or enter the net sites you are feeling are useful.

Attend bridal shows

Visit bridal retailers and invite referrals

Check the telephone book

Go over your written notes and organize them by priority and easy use.

Armed with an inventory of vendors and repair suppliers, it’s time for you to choose up the phone and set appointments.

Schedule your appointments by PRIORITY. So, if a selected person or company’s participation at the marriage is needed, you must contact them initial to seek out out once they have a gap.


Money saving tip one

Do not limit your search to wedding specific service suppliers. It’s not un-common for them to charge higher fees solely as a result of it being a WEDDING. In fact, once you come to your appointment to interview a merchandiser, don’t mention the word WEDDING. raise concerning the vendor’s convenience on such and such a date, for a happening, A GET-TOGETHER, a celebration or the other term you’ll think about.

Mention WEDDING, and your worth can likely be higher.

Money saving tip two

If you’ve got a budget, don’t reveal it to the vendors till you recognize what they provide for what fee. Use it as a negotiating purpose if necessary.

Contacting, interviewing and dealing with the vendors can be a pain. That’s where So Cal Event Planners can step in!

Interview consultants, caterers, florists, DJs and-or musicians, photographers, ceremony and reception sites and videographers.

Actually, whereas on the phone to line AN interview appointment, request a worth quote for a celebration. offer the service suppliers the essential data as well as variety of guests, date, and hours requested and invite a quote. once you gain the interview, with the value quote in hand you’ll allow them to apprehend that the party may be a wedding.

Do not, however, commit till you’ve got accumulated a minimum of many bids and located the person(s) you interviewed accommodating and simple to figure with.

Interview varied vendors of every class to seek out out what they provide, what they charge and what complementary extras they’re increase the package.

Use this data as a negotiating leverage to either secure extrar have some charges waived.

Remember – there’s no hurt in asking.

If you are doing not raise – you are doing not get!
If the seller desires your business, and believes that if theyt don’t meet your your provide you with can go elsewhere, they’re going to provide some artistic solutions to secure it.

Oh, yes! a new factor you would like to try to to before booking any of your vendors. Check them out at the higher Business Bureau to form positive no complaints are filed against them.

Once you created your alternative, don’t seek for different alternatives or you will drive yourselves crazy. Instead endure to consecutive detail that needs your attention.

Be prepared! attend every interview prepared along with your queries and data showing neatness written.

Bring a pen and paper and take notes at conferences with the various wedding professionals, service suppliers and wedding vendors.

These notes function a fun memento too. you’ll need to feature them later to your wedding journal or scrap book.

You have special desires. thus check the net for wedding websites that provide distinctive and personalised wedding gifts and accessories.

Visit a reduction wedding mall and save. Use the money you save on different aspects of your wedding.
I’ll list the marriage professionals, service suppliers and vendors that ar a part of the essential WEDDING. you’ll not want each service, otherwise you may have over listed.
So, while not additional flurry, Here is that the list in alphabetical order.

Accommodations – Bride and Groom, Family, Wedding Guests

Addressing and penmanship

Banquet facility – eating place, event hall or reception venue

Beauty – make-up, nails and hair

Catering- pre-wedding parties, rehearsal meal, reception, other

Disc Jockey

Destination weddings

Do it yourself, create your own – materials and provides shops

Florists, Floral Designers, Decorators


Honeymoon -travel, radio-controlled tours, sports, recreation, other

Invitations and wedding writing paper. Pre-printed or print your own.
Jwelry – ring, wedding bands, wedding jewellery, gifts from bride and groom


Officiant – priesthood

Printers – save the day, invites, reply cards, programs, place cards, menus, thanks notes, other

Religious website – Church, Synagogue, Temple, Mosque, other

Transportation – limousine, horse and carriage, taxi, u-drive for guests, other

Travel agent- destination wedding, honeymoon, guest travel, other

Wedding Accessories

Wedding and guest Accommodations

Wedding apparel – robes, Tuxedos

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Flowers

wedding gift for – groomsman, maid of honor, bridesmaids, ushers, kids, other

wedding gifts for – family, wedding, other

wedding music – DJ, soloist, band or atiny low orchestra

Wedding Photographers – videographers

Wedding Planners

Wedding rehearsal and reception venue and line

Wedding Rings

How to Start Planning a Wedding!


Insights from the Experts at So Cal Event Planners!


You’re engaged and in a few short months you’ll begin your happily ever after!  Until then your life is completely consumed by thoughts of guest counts, décor details, rentals and keeping your friends and family happy with all the decisions.  A wedding is stressful as it is, but add in the multiple functions common in our South Asian community and you’ll be ready for a panic attack!  To ease this stress, we strongly recommend that every couple hire a Day-Of Coordinator.  Remember, family and friends are there to enjoy and share the special day with you. Hiring an expert to handle the details gives you and your family peace of mind on your wedding day which will be worth every penny!


We’ve all been to events where the venue, décor, lighting and food is AMAZING but the event logistics and coordination fall through the cracks with entrances starting at 10pm, seating and placement issues, speeches that go on for far too long and dinner not being served in a timely manner.  This is why a Day-Of Coordinator is key.  An often poorly understood concept, a Day-of Coordinator can be a life saver for couples who don’t have the budget for a full-service planner.  This person will help ensure that your big day runs smoothly and flawlessly without stress. Different from a venue coordinator, the Day-Of Coordinator helps in formulating the timeline, MC speaking points and much more! They coordinate the logistics of your wedding to make sure everything you’ve spent months planning runs exactly how you envisioned.  From the arrival and set up of all vendors to packing up your bridal suite with gifts and goodies at the end of the event, the Day-Of Coordinator will take care of it all. Some couples choose to forgo a Day-Of Coordinator because their reception venue includes a coordinator. Although this may sound similar, beware: It is not. The venue coordinator is only responsible for ensuring their staff and venue site conducts their duties. They won’t be responsible for the details, time management and event logistics.


The team at So Cal Event Planners has over 15 years of combined event experience and aims to exceed client expectations by executing a flawless event within a practical budget.  Clients can choose the level of service that best matches their needs, and are partnered with a personal Event Consultant who is on call 24 hours a day to serve as the main point of contact among vendors.



Event Planning: Best Practices Successful Event Planners Use

Do you set up events for the corporate world like product launches, conferences, seminars, etc? If so, cross-check these seven practices of winning event planners.

It’s easy to dismiss these points thinking they are trivial. I assumed this too, once. I learned more than once that I had events change integrity as a result if I selected to ignore these straightforward tips.

#1: Make sure that data flows freely across your team

You seldom do event designing in isolation. You will always have a team of individuals to whom you have delegated varied responsibilities.

It’s very simple to form assumptions that every one is aware of what the event is regarding and the way what they are doing ties in with what everyone else is doing. These assumptions may be incorrect. Communicate with the team!

At the start of the event designing plan, take the time to share your event’s objective and your overall set up with each of your team members. It is best to urge all of them along to try to to this explaining.

On associate degree in progress basis, have regular conferences to assess the progress so most are tuned in to all aspects of the event.

#2: Information on speakers and performers

Sometimes, you bump into events where the speaker delivers his message splendidly well, except that what he aforementioned had nothing to try to to with the aim of the event!

Some one could be a wonderful speaker for one event, however not essentially for an additional.

Ask the speaker for references. resolve the maximum amount as you’ll from those references. What did they like regarding his performance? What did they not like? Do they need any specific relationship with the speaker (which would possibly color their opinion)?

#3: Elaborate designing with a timeline

To attempt to prepare a giant event in a very haphazard manner is to toy with disaster. You want to have a written schedule of all pre-event tasks, with specific dates for completion and specific assignments for each person.

That may sound terribly basic, however this is often one of the items that cause events to fail. Do the basics!

#4: Browse the fine print, understand all details

As an event planner, you’ll be exposing yourself to serious monetary and alternative risks if you’re not entirely aware of all aspects of the event.

That includes all contracts you sign, all written directions, orders and communications. Understand all contractual obligations before approving!

#5: Have a crystal clear purpose for the event

Have you attended a seminar wherever the subject was too broad and therefore the speakers perceived to speak all round the topic in a very disconnected fashion? That is what happens if you lack clarity of purpose regarding the event.

Is the event meant to be a strategic designing retreat for prime management? Is it a seminar to bring medical professionals up-to-date on developments in a very specialised field?

If it’s a product launch, specifically what outcome is that the event expected to achieve?

Only when you and your team understand the core objectives are you then able to organize a targeted event that meets those goals.

#6: Purchase event insurance

Think through what might disrupt your event and what your liabilities would be in such a case.

Disruptions will embrace strikes, natural calamities, speakers not contact, drastically reduced group action and a lot of. Fathom the financial and legal consequences and obtain insurance to cover it.

#7: Triple-check everything

This is one in every of the foremost helpful designing mottos you’ll consider.

That’s why you would like to triple-check everything as you go on.

These simple tips will prevent endless hassle if you are designing and organizing events. create them a vicinity of your method of operating.

So Cal Event Planners is a Huntington Beach event management team that helps you to  make your event memorable. We service Los Angeles County, Riverside County, Orange County, San Diego and the Inland Empire. So Cal Event Planners is proud to serve as the industry planners for both social and corporate events.