Mishal & Imran met through a mutual friend and couldn’t be happier since! We had the chance to be part of their wedding on December 24th 2016 in the city of Westlake Village. This ceremony and reception were nothing short of magical. The bride and groom shined through it all and their love for one another was evident.

The SCEP team spoke with bride Mishal about her experience during her special day. Read below to find out all the details!


SCEP: What were your original wedding goals?

 Mishal: The goal was to have an elegant wedding while also preserving the simplicity and grace of a Muslim wedding. I really wanted to focus on having a meaningful Nikkah ceremony and a  memorable reception with my loved ones. I wanted the focus to be on the beauty of marriage and the coming together of two families.

 Having an organized wedding was also a priority, since we were also doing the Nikkah the same day as the reception we wanted to stay on a specific time schedule. I did not want either the Nikkah to be rushed nor the reception.

 Another goal, I had was that I really wanted to enjoy my day with my husband and family. I did not want to have to worry about coordinating the vendors. I also did not want to stress out  my parents or family members by taking charge of the vendors. I also wanted them to enjoy their time and share all the special moments with me.

Although it wasn’t a major goal, we both agreed that the background music for the reception should be violins; violins were the perfect background for my vision of having a graceful and elegant wedding reception.



SCEP: How did you feel before, during, and after your wedding?

M: Before- there were a mix of emotions – nervous; excited, some anxiety for everything to turn out okay, however there was always a  sense of comfort knowing that you are marrying the right person.

Being in constant planning mode and trying to figure out all the details was draining. Early on I realized I needed a coordinator who would help execute out all the planning.




During the event, we both had a sense of inner contentment,  joy, and happiness. Neither of us were stressed during the time we both were very much in the moment and shared the happiness together.


Afterwards, it is exciting knowing that you married your perfect match. I looked forward to my journey with my husband and forever best friend! I was also very relieved knowing that all the planning and months of hard work finally came together so perfectly and I owe a lot of that to the amazing So Cal Event Planning team! From the morning when I started getting ready until my rukhsathi, Shumaila and her amazing team took such great care of every detail of that night. Not only did they make sure that everything went according to time they also took such great care of me made sure I had everything I needed that night.


SCEP:  What was your favorite part about the whole wedding experience?

The coming together and interactions of two families! It was such a pleasure sharing all the love and happiness. We both were above the moon to know that not only are we sharing our beautiful moments together but we were also building a beautiful memory with our families.

SCEP: How did you find out about So Cal Event Planners?

I was referred to So Cal Event Planners by my now sister-in-law. I was able to look up their social media page and I was very impressed. I did not hesitate to book your team because of the great interaction I had with Shumaila right after our first conversation. She was so understanding and humble. She catered to my needs and was always available when I had questions. She always followed up with me about every detail. When it came the day of the wedding her and her fabulous team did all the behind-the-scenes work. From coordinating all the vendors to making sure the program ran according to time and making sure the bride and groom were well taken care of. My mom referred to the team as her helping angels for the night.


Venue: Hyatt Regency Westlake

Photo and Video: Samson Productions

Makeup: Nida Gazi — Beauty by NG