Baby DYF



Tamanna Roashan, also known as the makeup guru @dressyourface, has brought a child into this world with husband Khushal Aqmal.

Baby Aliya’s journey began with us, as Tamanna trusted us to take part in the gender reveal as well as the baby shower.

The gender reveal took place at Tamanna and Khushal’s residence for an intimate gathering with friends and family.

We created a the dessert table to showcase dad’s musical side, filled with dessert shaped as microphones, piano keys, and music notes and mom’s passion for makeup consisting of desserts designed as lipsticks, mac eyeshadow, and makeup brushes.

It was very exciting to be there when Tamanna and Khushal cut their cake to discover the gender of their baby.

What a beautiful moment once they saw shade of pink hidden in the tier covered in lipsticks! It’s a girl!


So, of course, it was time for the baby shower!

With planning and coordinating by us and decor by Kismet Event Designs, the Maharani baby shower was beautiful and extravagant.

The party of 100 family and friends took place at the Brandview Ballroom – L.A. Banquets.


Gender Reveal:

Venue: Tamanna & Khushal’s residence

Decor: So Cal Event Planners

Dessert: Dress My Cake

Photo & Video: Samson Productions


Baby Shower:

Venue: LA Banquets – Brandview Ballroom

Decor: Kismet Events Design

Dessert: The Cake Boutique and Dip’d N Drip’d

Photo & Video: Samson Productions

Planning/Coordinating: So Cal Event Planners


Real Weddings: Lubena & Mustafa

Once upon a time, Lubena and Mustafa met through mutual friends in San Diego. Unfortunately, soon after they met Mustafa had to move to the Bay Area, but they still kept in touch. Fast forward three years, Lubena was in for a magical surprise. Mustafa drove down to visit Lubena again in San Diego, and while they were having a nice walk in Del Mar Beach, Lubena noticed a beautiful sitting area under a canopy. Little did she know, Mustafa had set the whole thing up just for her. They spent a romantic evening under that canopy which ended with a very important question to which Lubena answered ‘yes’!


Before the wedding, Lubena felt a little stressed about all the details to keep track of for her various events. She almost couldn’t believe she was planning her own wedding. She met So Cal Event Planners at another event and they proved extremely helpful and very friendly. There were many months of planning. Slowly but surely the big day was coming closer.


Love is by our side.


Lubena’s favorite part of the whole process was getting ready on the morning of her wedding day. It was finally time for her to relax and allow herself to be pampered. Her hair and makeup team did a fantastic job! Just see the pictures below! Not to mention her gorgeous dress!


Beautiful design!

But he’s looking at you…..

The bride in all her glory.


They planned a gorgeous wedding with lovely details including sparkly linens topped with elegant centerpieces and a breath-taking stage. A delicious white cake had disappeared by the end of the night. But the most important part of the wedding was celebrating this day with family and friends.


Elegant centerpieces.

Breath-taking stage decor.

Delicious dessert.


Mustafa and Lubena are truly a perfect match. She is a vision of beauty and his eyes light up at the sight of her. So Cal Event Planners would like to wish them both a lifetime of happiness and love. And so, their wedding day came to a close and they lived happily ever after.


Princess and her Prince.



Real Weddings: Farah & Osama

Farah and Osama’s fairytale wedding. Gorgeous flower archways and tastefully decorated stages. Check out their story, complete with pictures below!



So Cal Event Planners was so great in helping with planning Farah’s wedding and coordinating the big day. Farah’s original  goal was to stay in budget while envisioning a beautiful and elegant wedding. So Cal Event Planners made it possible to plan an extravagant wedding of 600 guests! Using resources and unique ideas all while staying within a reasonable budget. Other wedding goals included keeping a timeline and staying organized (we like our brides to retain their sanity).
Farah told us:
“SCEP exceeded my expectations by staying in touch with my vendors and taking over the minute details from A to Z. Shumaila was very organized in her ideas and during the planning process which facilitated the execution of the big day to be absolutely perfect. Before the wedding, as any frantic OCD bride is, I was very nervous as I expected everything to be very particular during the wedding and SCEP enabled me to trust them in leaving the rest in their hands.”

Happy wife, happy life. Gorgeous bride.


It gave the happy couple a great sense of relief during the wedding since they could let go of all control (which felt amazing!) and left it to So Cal Event Planners to make the remaining executive decisions during the wedding. Farah’s favorite part about the whole wedding planning experience was traveling to Pakistan to shop for the perfect wedding outfit, trying on beautiful jewelry (until she found the one!) and shopping for festive accents for the wedding. The experience was unforgettable and absolutely amazing!


She is all that he sees.


Apple of my eye.


This is the beginning of something beautiful.




Magical staging!


Decor: Nafisa
Video: Jason Haider studios
Photography: Yahya Dawood (Y&D photography)
Makeup: Nida Gazi – BeautybyNG
Venue: Hilton Costa Mesa

Meet the So Cal Event Planners Team

This is us. The So Cal Event Planners team.


You have Marvi who loves cats and Nichole who loves shopping. Then there’s Momena who loves to eat anything spicy and Shumaila who prefers sweets. Standing next to her is Rocio who loves photography and Bushra who loves baking.

Sadaf, Shumaila, and Amna all share a passion for event planning.We are the most fabulous team of wedding planners you will ever come across. And we have the record to prove it: hear about what past brides have to say.

Our team of coordinators are equipped with a set of master skills that include precision, organization, excellence and grace. We are experts in every aspect of wedding planning and are with you every step of way.

We know how the process goes, you want a fabulous wedding and we can get you there! Besides being your personal wedding gurus, we are also you friend. Tell us your frustrations and worries so we can resolve them for you and turn you into a calm and happy bride.

Each member is unique and vital to the success of your events. Some of us will work behind the scenes by planning, researching, gathering information. And others will work at your event, making sure everything runs perfectly smooth. All of this happens with impeccable communication and understanding.

Our team is dedicated to creating the best wedding planning experience and we wish you a pleasant stay on our site. To learn more about each member, go to our about us page!

Special thanks to the amazing photographers:
Jason Haider Photography
AA Creation



Real Weddings: Afra & Saad Part 2

In case you haven’t seen Part 1 of this gorgeous couple’s events, click here! 

Afra and Saad deserve the best, and that’s exactly what they got. The lovely couple wanted a classy and humble wedding, centered around family and love. They simply wanted to provide a serene and enjoyable space for their guests to celebrate.

Their glamorous wedding was no small feat. It was full of enchantment and elegance. They even had an indoor water fountain with luscious roses. The night was full of laughter and love. Below is just a preview of their wedding. Don’t forget to go the gallery for more incredible photos of other weddings planned and coordinated by So Cal Event Planners!

The bride’s favorite part of her wedding was towards the end of the night. In the words of the bride herself:

“As we were leaving the hotel, my family created a walkway of bubbles – it was so fantastic to have Saad carry me through that. Outside, as we approached the car, our families began to cry. So to bring some comic relief, Shumaila quickly handed me and my husband our quirky sunglasses that said “Bride” and “Groom,” the driver blasted FloRida’s “It’s Goi’n Down For Real” on the radio, and my husband and I turned around waving good-bye. It was such a silly surprise that everyone was laughing as we drove way. It was a great way to end the night, with laughter.”



Real Weddings: Afra & Saad Part 1

Hotel Irvine was blessed to hold Afra and Saad’s mehndi reception. Vibrant colors on a gorgeous sunny California day stood as a good omen for the happy vibes that were destined to happen. A huge audience of guests and a lovely walkway of flower petals led up to the stage for the Mr. and Mrs. Check out the photos below for sneak peeks at their charming event, and to read about how the couple met.

Afra was MC’ing the mosque’s fundraiser a little over a year ago. Saad had seen her for the first time and was immediately mesmerized. About a month later, coincidentally, Afra and her family were accidentally invited to the “family only” dinner party at one of Saad’s relative’s homes. Afra and Saad were introduced. He realized she was the same girl of his dreams, so they arranged to meet up and get to know each other. The rest is history.




Before the wedding Afra was very worried about what needed to be done logistically. Planning was definitely fun, but she first she had to come up with a checklist which proved very stressful with no guidance!

Afra was introduced to Shumaila through family friends. Immediately, she noticed Shumaila’s friendly personality and determination to plan this wedding perfectly.

Afra explained her expectations for the wedding. With Shumaila’s help and assistance, her instructions were executed excellently. She trusted Shumaila and her team and was confident the details would be taken care of properly.





Stay tuned for Part 2 of Afra and Saad’s wedding!


Picking out your ring

Whether he popped the question with the ring of your dreams or you picked the ring yourself and he ‘surprised’ you with a proposal, we have everything you need to know about choosing your engagement ring.

First, get excited! Ring shopping may be the most luxurious and expensive shopping trip you will have.
Secondly, have patience. Like you’ll soon learn with wedding dress shopping, chances are you may not find your perfect ring on the first try. In fact, we encourage you to shop around before making your final decision. There are so many gorgeous settings and many unique styles ranging from $500 to $500,000. Together, let’s begin the quest for your perfect engagement ring. (more…)

Real Weddings: Ankit and Aniata

Venue: Hyatt Huntington Beach
Date: December 13, 2015

The So Cal Event Planners were introduced to this cute couple through Ankit’s father who played a vital role in the planning process of their wedding. Aniata had moved here from India, and Ankit is from the OC. They met through mutual friend, began talking and fell in love. Together they dreamed of a beachside wedding and found the perfect venue at the Huntington Beach Hyatt Regency. It became a great backdrop to their Indian ceremony which was followed up by the intimate reception of 150 guests. Fun filled and exciting, this weekend was abundant with love and laughter. The couple even had a special Bollywood-esque slideshow and video to share with their guests. Ankit and Aniata’s love is evident and strong. For us, it was wonderful working with the couple and their families. See their pictures below!

The bride’s shoes shall be the most sparkly~

And she shall also be the most beautiful~

There will be the most perfect weather~

And she must wait for her prince~

A most luxurious chair~

But a chaise for them both~

Romantic purple hues~

A wardrobe change~

An end to a romantic night~

Photo credit: AJ Studios

Top Honeymoon Spots~ U.S and Global Destinations~

Choosing a honeymoon destination depends on three things:
1. Time
2. Budget
3. Adventurous spirit.

All destinations are great—each one gives you the chance to travel, dream and explore new places. It won’t really matter where you go, as long as you are with your special someone. Without too much intro (because these destinations speak for themselves) we introduce to you, in no particular order, our Top 8 Honeymoon Destinations! So choose a vacation spot and make some memories. (more…)

Real Weddings: Hiba and Asif

Date: November 27, 2015

It was our pleasure to work with this couple. Hiba contacted SCEP towards the middle of their planning process and we helped put a framework around their event with vendor management, timeline and script. Her calm demeanor made planning process a snap. Hiba looked beautiful in a custom-made Pakistani designer outfit with makeup by talented Nida Gazi from BeautybyNG. Hiba & Asif wanted an elegant, romantic event and they got just that with the help of 2CreateDesigns! A one-of-a-kind couple, they shined on their special day. Check out their pictures below!

Our flawless bride.


Brotherly advice.


‘I got this’


‘Uh oh, I don’t got this’


The main man.


It’s official!


Dessert time!


But first…

Romantic and elegant.


A very happy bridal party!


And into the night they go…

Photo credit: Samson Productions.

Vendor Love:
Event Coordination l So Cal Event Planners
Décor l 2 Create Designs
Make-up l Beauty By NG
Photography l Samson Productions
DJ l Dhamaka