You’ve arrived at the perfect place and we are here to help! Please, browse through our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you don’t find your question, head to the contact page and send us a ‘hello’ along with your inquiry! We would love to chat with you about your big dreams for your big day.

Do I need a wedding planner or coordinator?
A wedding planner’s job is to assist with the entire process from engagement until you walk into the night as a newly married couple. Having a wedding planner will expand your options and opportunities because they know the industry. It saves time and effort. Planners and coordinators also have an insight in the industry and can help you save money by negotiating with vendors and providing great recommendations on who to use!

What is the typical budget for a wedding planner?
Peace of mind on your most important day is priceless! And believe it or not, a Wedding Planner is not as expensive as you might think. As a rule of thumb, the cost of a full-scale Wedding Planner is typically 1.5-2% of the total wedding budget.  If you have a majority of the planning completed, but need assistance putting it all together, you can opt for a Day of Wedding Coordinator package which will still allow you to enjoy your day stress free. Day of Wedding Coordination packages are under $2,500. This is a small price to pay to ensure that all your hard work and months of planning lead up to an extraordinary event! At So Cal Event Planners, we believe planning should be a service attainable to all weddings and flexible for all budgets. All of our clients rave about our excellent service. If you don’t believe us, just head on over to the Testimonials page to read for yourself!

What does So Cal Event Planners help with?
Everything! Primarily, we are the communication lines between every vendor, venue and the bride/groom. Both parties speak through us: the vendors appreciate an organizer for the event and the couple is not bombarded with multiple emails from different vendors. So Cal Event Planners use their expertise and excellent range of skills to develop and manage a budget, search for a venue, negotiate with different vendors, create invitations and favors, plan a perfect setup, and provide insight on theme development. Of course, each couple will also always receive two highly professional and equally outstanding event planners for the big day!

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator?
Our services differ depending on how far along you are in the process of planning your wedding. For those brides who have barely dipped their toes into the planning waters, we suggest a wedding planner. A wedding planner oversees the entire course of action, from searching for a venue, overseeing flower arrangements, creating appointments for the bride and groom, to setup and coordination of the wedding day. If you’ve already done some work and you just need a little push to the end, we also offer Month-of Wedding Coordination. In this case, So Cal Event Planners assist in the final (and numerous) details. This includes appointments with your main consultant who should help you fine-tune your program, favors, layout, and final meetings with all vendors and venue. Of course, you’ll also get two coordinators of your own! Lastly we also provide Day-Of Coordination services including two sessions with your main consultant for timeline creating, vendor communication and finishing the race until your big day. Whatever service you choose, we are always here to help!

We just got engaged! We don’t know where to start. Please help!
Contact So Cal Event Planners! As experts in the industry, we can assess your current situation and help you move forward!

 How is a Wedding Coordinator different from my Catering Manager at my venue?
Your catering manager’s job is to fill up their venue every weekend with events. Your wedding will be one of those events. Your catering manager oversees the venue food, set up of chairs and tables according to your instructions and might ask you about details in relation to guests with specific food needs (i.e. allergies, vegetarian meals, etc). Once you sign a contract, you will expect to have communication from your catering manager in the following three instances: they need to schedule your meal tasting if you’re not using Outside Catering, they need to confirm number of guests, they need to confirm layout of the room. The planner continues the process: you’ll need décor, you’ll need lighting, you’ll need place cards, you’ll need a program and you’ll need a team of photo/video to capture all the special moments. A So Cal Event Planner will be your right hand in this, so contact us today!

I don’t want my coordinator to be bossy or control my wedding. I want it to be MY day!
It is 100 percent YOUR day! At So Cal Event Planners, we work with you as a creative team to make all your wedding day dreams come true. We believe success is when you walk into your wedding glowing and beautiful, ready to marry the love of your life and happy with the wedding we will have created together.

How can I choose a photographer?
Photos are the longest-lasting souvenir from your wedding day! Invest in the highest quality photographer you can afford.  Your Coordinator will also provide them with a detailed “must take” photo list along with a photography schedule to keep this on track. For more information on how to select a photographer, see our post.

Do I need a makeup/hair trial?
Makeup and hair trial days are scheduled with your makeup artist to preview the look you want for your wedding. In case something doesn’t go as planned, you still want to look glowing and stunning (It’s our job to ensure nothing goes wrong). Get a trail to test out your hair and makeup, take pictures and decide on your wedding-day-look.  Although trials are meant to test out your wedding look, many artists charge a basic fee for this so take advantage of your new look and head out for a date night!

How soon should we order cake?
Cake is usually the last thing to order because you won’t need it six months in advance. We recommend ordering a cake one month before your wedding day. Unless you have a favorite baker you need to reserve, don’t worry too much about cake. Take into consideration that some venue contracts include cake and cake cutting services. If this is included in your contract, schedule a cake tasting and have some cake!

What’s included in the venue contract?
This depends on your personal contract. Always do your research. Think about what you expect from your venue. Hotels usually provide coffee, tea, chairs, tables, dance floors and stage. Food and seating is charged per person so know how many guests you intend to invite beforehand. Ask how many hours you’ll have the space for and if there are any events before yours (this means they might be late in preparing for your reception/ceremony). Some hotels also offer a complimentary stay the night of the wedding for the couple—one more thing to ask about before signing. We recommend thoroughly reading your contract and negotiating before signing. If you have questions – ask! If you hire a Planner, it is their job to look through all the details so you don’t have to worry about it!