Real Weddings: Afra & Saad Part 1

Hotel Irvine was blessed to hold Afra and Saad’s mehndi reception. Vibrant colors on a gorgeous sunny California day stood as a good omen for the happy vibes that were destined to happen. A huge audience of guests and a lovely walkway of flower petals led up to the stage for the Mr. and Mrs. Check out the photos below for sneak peeks at their charming event, and to read about how the couple met.

Afra was MC’ing the mosque’s fundraiser a little over a year ago. Saad had seen her for the first time and was immediately mesmerized. About a month later, coincidentally, Afra and her family were accidentally invited to the “family only” dinner party at one of Saad’s relative’s homes. Afra and Saad were introduced. He realized she was the same girl of his dreams, so they arranged to meet up and get to know each other. The rest is history.




Before the wedding Afra was very worried about what needed to be done logistically. Planning was definitely fun, but she first she had to come up with a checklist which proved very stressful with no guidance!

Afra was introduced to Shumaila through family friends. Immediately, she noticed Shumaila’s friendly personality and determination to plan this wedding perfectly.

Afra explained her expectations for the wedding. With Shumaila’s help and assistance, her instructions were executed excellently. She trusted Shumaila and her team and was confident the details would be taken care of properly.





Stay tuned for Part 2 of Afra and Saad’s wedding!


Wedding Day Essentials

Let’s begin by saying, the SCEP team already thought of everything you could never think of. They are ready for battle with the purpose of making your wedding day effortless. But in case you would like to pack a few items in your fancy makeup bags (see our favorites below!), we’ve compiled a list of our Top Wedding Day Essentials(more…)

Bedazzle Your Heels!

“One good pair of shoes can change your life”

Every woman should feel like Cinderella on her wedding day. Afterall, that’s the day she and her prince charming begin their “happily ever after.”

This adorable DIY project, helps bring out the princess in you!! Grab your adorable pair of wedding heels and bedazzle them with “I Do”, you and your beau’s initials, your wedding date-anything to give it a personal touch! Missing your something blue?? Blue rhinestones are perfect!




Want to make your bridesmaids feel special too? Add a personalized heartfelt message on the bottom of their shoes!

Love the idea, but strapped (shoe pun intended) for time? Order a Mindy Weiss self adhesive shoe applique starting at just $6.00!


Remember to have your photographer snatch a picture of your hard work before the wedding begins!! Send us your DIY bedazzled pictures to be featured on our blog! Till next time,




Pumpkin Prep

Who doesn’t love October? The leaves are changing colors, fall fashion is in full swing, and pumpkin flavored goodies are all around. For most of us, Halloween means dressing up into costumes we’ll regret in a month’s time, parties we can’t seem to remember, and a candy coma that lasts for weeks. For the rest of us (myself included), it’s all about switching up summer decor to fit the Fall celebrations-starting with Halloween! Cobb webs, ghosts, witches are the norm for Halloween decor, but we’ve found a way to incorporate Halloween decor without looking like you’re living a bad teen horror movie.

Turn up the sophistication with white pumpkins & lace!

This super easy, super chic stocking tip will turn your pumpkins into the talk of the town. Simply cover & secure your pumpkins with old fishnet stockings or even pretty lace!! Grab your glue guns!

Photo credit: Little Loveables

2. Glitter, gold & paint galore

Spray paint your pumpkins with bold colors or go natural, add stamps, add colors, or stay simple!

Photo credit: Pretty Chicky

Photo credit: House of 3

3. Think outside the box!

Henna isnt just used for body art anymore!
Photo credit: Henna by Holly

Lolipop Centerpieces-

Candy buffet tables have been gaining popularity over the past few years. And why wouldn’t they? They’re adorable and delicious! Taking the candy buffet concept and combining it with the need of COLOR, we decided to take a stab at Lolipop Centerpieces. It’s a perfect mix of a whimsical theme, tons of color, and sweet treats!

Picture Credit:

What you’ll need:
-Floral foam
-Hot glue gun

-tons of lolipops in various sizes

What you’ll do:
1. Place lolipops inside the floral foam. Use a bit of hot glue at the end of each stick to secure. (Alternating heights look best)
2. Cover up the foam with gumballs. Gumballs can be glued directly onto the foam.
3. Pour jellybeans into the center and use as a filler & snack =]
4. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!
It’s that easy! Give it a try and let us know how your lolipop centerpiece turned out!!