Wedding Day Essentials

Let’s begin by saying, the SCEP team already thought of everything you could never think of. They are ready for battle with the purpose of making your wedding day effortless. But in case you would like to pack a few items in your fancy makeup bags (see our favorites below!), we’ve compiled a list of our Top Wedding Day Essentials(more…)

Lolipop Centerpieces-

Candy buffet tables have been gaining popularity over the past few years. And why wouldn’t they? They’re adorable and delicious! Taking the candy buffet concept and combining it with the need of COLOR, we decided to take a stab at Lolipop Centerpieces. It’s a perfect mix of a whimsical theme, tons of color, and sweet treats!

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What you’ll need:
-Floral foam
-Hot glue gun

-tons of lolipops in various sizes

What you’ll do:
1. Place lolipops inside the floral foam. Use a bit of hot glue at the end of each stick to secure. (Alternating heights look best)
2. Cover up the foam with gumballs. Gumballs can be glued directly onto the foam.
3. Pour jellybeans into the center and use as a filler & snack =]
4. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!
It’s that easy! Give it a try and let us know how your lolipop centerpiece turned out!!