Finding your Perfect Wedding Photographer

SO you’re engaged. Check. You have a ring. Check. You selected your venue and the date. Check. What comes next? Well it’s time to sit down and make a list— I would find a cozy corner near a window and bring along a hot cup of tea. If you are working with a So Cal Event Planner, she would most likely go through this list with you but you should do your homework regardless. List some of your own must-have wedding features, in order of importance. For many brides, the primary component is a wedding photographer. Regardless of budget, photos and video are permanent. They capture the emotions of an entire day and make it an everlasting experience. However, every photographer differs from the next just as every wedding has its own character. Here’s how to find the perfect photographer for your wedding. Click to continue reading and for pictures from different photographers and their styles!  (more…)

Real Weddings: Anas and Bushra

Venue: Doubletree by Hilton Anaheim
Date: August 16 2015

We had the pleasure of meeting Bushra and Anas at another client’s wedding. Bushra mentioned how her own event was coming up quickly and she was “looking for a friend with experience and creative insight to help with [her] wedding”. We quickly became friends with Bushra’s easygoing personality and Anas’ charming demeanor and gained their trust as clients. We met with Bushra and reviewed décor ideas and timelines.

Essentially, we organized two separate wedding events— one for the men and one for the women, a common occurrence in many Arab weddings. Each banquet hall needed our full attention, décor, two separate DJs, two photographers, (and dance floors of course). Imagine how much planning goes into one event – now imagine two simultaneous events!

Together we created a stunning wedding tailored to Bushra’s every need. Her Arab background and modern American twist gave way to a wedding filled with great people, an amazing program and an exciting night of fun and laughter. Check out sneak peeks of Bushra and Anas’ remarkable wedding!


Bride’s bouquet ~


And a matching cake ~


Momma centerpieces ~


Baby centerpieces ~


A more ‘manly’ color scheme for the men’s side ~


A party for the women ~


And a party for the men ~


Happy 2016!

We would like to welcome a couple things. First, the New Year! This year –2016— is a brand new year filled with new weddings, new trends, new ideas and new goals for us which brings us to our next point: our new intern! Heading into the new year, we knew we needed to add a new member to the team to support our growing company. Working with past bride, Bushra, was the beginning of a beautiful relationship unbeknown to either party that we would be working together again in the future. Check out the post below of our new social media content creator and intern!

~Three months into wedding planning, I realized I had more anxiety than the TLC brides always showed. The vision I had of planning my wedding gave me a headache and every time I sat down at my computer somehow I would wander over to YouTube and find a way to distract myself from the countdown to my wedding day. My cousin, who had planned her own wedding a year prior, was reprimanding me for being so ‘lazy’. Truth is, laziness had nothing to do with it. I slowly hated the whole process more and more. I fantasized and pinned many other beautiful weddings I thought I could never have while avoided planning my own wedding altogether. (more…)

Choosing the right style of Wedding Photography on your Wedding Day

What is Wedding Photography?

For most couples, this could be the odd question to raise and most would answer that wedding photography is all the same. Someone walks around with a camera and quietly captures the special moments of the day. That’s partially correct. The art of wedding photography has drastically improved within the past twenty years. Nowadays, a couple chooses a photographer that will match their personal style.

In the past, wedding photographers were technicians behind a tripod and a curtain. Mysterious and rare, the camera was something that only a few would attempt to operate it. Back then, couples would hire wedding photographers to provide a physical memory of their wedding day– basically to have a record of the event.

Now, due to the extremely high quality cameras that are widely available, the majority of wedding guests can capture and store their own photos on their own devices. There are even certain apps and websites that allow your guests to be the photographers! They allow every guest (who wants to be photographed) a chance to capture their own perspective of the wedding. Then you store, organize, and keep all the pictures from the night!

Here’s a simple guide to finding the right style of professional wedding photography that suites your style:

First, you’ll want to head to google or yelp and search for photographers that fit your budget. Remember, photos are the only thing you will keep after the night is over so think of it as an investment. For more on this, read our other blog post about photography. 

Next, think about your wedding and write down 3 words that describes your wedding’s style. Many experienced photographers will have galleries of past weddings they’ve worked on. If these pictures are similar to the wedding photos of your dreams, contact the photographer.

Some photographers like to capture action shots full of activity. Others prefer to take traditional wedding photos where the couples are simply standing and sitting with their guests. And there are photographers who like taking artistic, vintage photos. Choose a photographer that complements your wedding.

While you browse other wedding photos, use the galleries as inspiration and jot down a list of poses and photos you want to replicate. Photographers need a shot list to make sure they capture everything that is important to you. Include all the people and family members you want to include in your photos. If you need help creating this list, don’t worry! Your So Cal Event Planner is always here to help.

It may be confusing to choose a wedding photographer, a budget, the number of photos you will receive and how many prints you get so do your research. Keep in mind that these photographers are professional and their job is to make you look like a superstar on your wedding.

As experts in the industry, we have suggestions on amazing photographers we have worked with in the past. Not only is their work fantastic, but they are great people too. If you don’t know where to start, just contact us! We are always happy to help.