We would like to welcome a couple things. First, the New Year! This year –2016— is a brand new year filled with new weddings, new trends, new ideas and new goals for us which brings us to our next point: our new intern! Heading into the new year, we knew we needed to add a new member to the team to support our growing company. Working with past bride, Bushra, was the beginning of a beautiful relationship unbeknown to either party that we would be working together again in the future. Check out the post below of our new social media content creator and intern!

~Three months into wedding planning, I realized I had more anxiety than the TLC brides always showed. The vision I had of planning my wedding gave me a headache and every time I sat down at my computer somehow I would wander over to YouTube and find a way to distract myself from the countdown to my wedding day. My cousin, who had planned her own wedding a year prior, was reprimanding me for being so ‘lazy’. Truth is, laziness had nothing to do with it. I slowly hated the whole process more and more. I fantasized and pinned many other beautiful weddings I thought I could never have while avoided planning my own wedding altogether.

One morning I woke up determined to get out of my slump. I looked up wedding planners and coordinators near me only to reach another dead end. Everything was out of budget (and my budget was inching a little too high anyways).

My fiancée tried to help by taking me as his plus-one to a wedding on the beach. He imagined we would gain some inspiration from this wedding. He did the nikah* and was limited to communicate only with the coordinator—and not with the groom. This was the beginning of a beautiful marriage, pun intended. I met Shumaila and, later, Nichole who were genuinely the sweetest people and highly skilled in keeping calm during a storm. They showed no signs of panic –especially since the wedding was slightly behind schedule due to unforeseen but very normal incidents— and instead exuded grace, patience and leadership.

A few weeks later, I called Shumaila and vented for an hour while she played the sister role. I called again, booked her for my wedding-day coordination and she held my hand every step of the way. She fit perfectly into my wedding and even more perfectly into my budget.

Looking back on my wedding, I’m sure I must have been a crazy bride. Texting and emailing in the middle of the night. Stressing out over little details and then changing my mind once more. But if I had to do it all over again, SoCalEventPlanners would be the first phone call I make after securing a venue and a date. My wedding day itself was a dream. None of my family members worried about a thing. As the problems arose, SCEP* had already taken care of them. And happily ever after meant I made a few new friends in the process.

I hope, in some way, you can feel the appreciation I have for SCEP* team as I tried to offer you a glimpse into my wedding and how it was the most magical day of my life.~

*Nikah ceremony: Islamic marriage ceremony
*SCEP: SoCalEventPlanners