Let’s begin by saying, the SCEP team already thought of everything you could never think of. They are ready for battle with the purpose of making your wedding day effortless. But in case you would like to pack a few items in your fancy makeup bags (see our favorites below!), we’ve compiled a list of our Top Wedding Day Essentials

1.) Baby powder
Your dress will be hot and you will sweat under your dress. Your dress has bling but you don’t want your underarm to get scratched up. Your sparkly makeup will have fallout and you don’t want to have sparkly cheekbones as well. Bust out your baby powder and the possibilities are endless. If you’re tight on space, buy the generic travel size or, if you can afford to, go for the full size Burt’s Bee’s (it’s talc-free!).


2.) Perfume
Everyone has a signature scent. Don’t forget yours on this important day.


3.) Snacks
It’s called a wedding day for a reason; it lasts 24 hours. Keep yourself running full speed and snack often. Between photos, greeting guests and a form-fitting dress, most brides don’t have time to eat a proper dinner. You’ll be glad you had an energy bar before the festivities.


4.) Sewing kit (if you’re at a hotel, they usually provide one)
Thank goodness my mom taught us how to sew. I was taking busy photos and my mom rips her dress at the seam. It was a small patch but we captured the moment as my sister sewed my mom into her dress. Definitely saved the day.


5.) Deodorant
I don’t think this needs much explanation. Bonus points: your deodorant comes in the scent of your perfume.


6.) Nail file (glass type)
I’ve used glass nail files to file more than just my glossy fingertips. Glass nail files cut flyaway threads on your bridesmaids’ dresses too!


7.) Breath mints
Freshen your breath quickly with Listerine strips or Lifesavers. Avoid gum because no one wants to ruin a Kodak moment with wad of gum between their teeth.


8.) Lipstick
Chances are your makeup artist will leave before the wedding starts. So that you can sweeten your look after dinner, keep your own lipstick tube with you. Request your own lipstick tube from your MUA as wedding gift. Make sure to pack some floss, a toothbrush and toothpaste to accompany your bright smile.


9.) Ballet flats
Even Cinderella had sore feet by midnight. Why else did you think she took off her slipper? Save yourself a few days of pain and pack bride-worthy ballet flats.


10.) Tissues
Tissues are another universal item. Usually you’ll have some in your hotel room, if you’re getting ready in one. But store an extra stash in your Maid of Honor’s bag for any surprise tears later. Is it hot or is it just you? Blotting tissues pick up unflattering oil and sweat, leaving your makeup once again flawless. Two more indispensible items to throw in your bag.



11.) Eye drops
Most importantly, do this before your makeup artist gets to work. No one needs to know you haven’t gotten a wink of sleep in anticipation of your big day.


Have a worry-free day, pack it all away and show your style!